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Alpe di Mera is an enchanted place. A small car-free village, at an altitude of 1,500 metres, with the most beautiful view of Monte Rosa in all of Valsesia.

Alpe di Mera is the place to take refuge to experience absolute tranquillity. The wonderful nature that surrounds it makes it a suitable destination for families who want to bring children closer to the mountain environment by spending a carefree and fun day in the snow or on the slopes!


Alpe di Mera with skis on

The 30 km of ski slopes of this resort in the heart of Valsesia offer skiers and visitors a new point of view on Monte Rosa. Alpe di Mera is a real village that lives on the slopes in winter, at an altitude of 1,560 metres.

From the main centers of northern Italy the distance to reach it is really short, and the possibility of parking and access is twofold, with two ticket offices, that of Scopello and that of the Trogo. The slopes are soft and suitable for all levels. There is also a school slope with a tapis roulant and a fun slope


What to do at Alpe di Mera?

Snowshoeing in Mera, with a view of the imposing south face of Monte Rosa, is an experience not to be missed! There are three routes available to those who want to discover the beauty of the climb and the panoramas that can be admired at high altitude. They are different in length and altitude, but they all form a ring and most of them are within the reach of even those who are taking their first steps on snowshoes.

The playgrounds of Alpe di Mera are areas entirely dedicated to the little explorers of Monte Rosa and are open, with some modifications for some games, even during the winter season to have fun in the snow. A few steps from the arrival station of the Mera chairlift, there is a real entertainment village, built with wooden structures. Perfect for those looking for play, nature and relaxation in the summer, great for those who want to enjoy the mountains in winter even without skiing. The raft to cross the lake is operational during the summer season, but during the winter season it is worthily replaced by a safe bobsleigh area with always free access.

The refreshment points at high altitude, including a characteristic agritourism, will delight the most demanding palates in the presence of an imposing Monte Rosa.

Pro Loco Alpe di Mera

The History
The contacts
Pro Loco Alpe di Mera

The Pro Loco  is a non-profit voluntary association, created with the intention of enhancing the promotion and livability of our beautiful mountain pasture. With the help of the Municipality of Scopello and thanks to the initiative of the volunteers, the Pro Loco promotes initiatives and activities that can make the stay on the alp more and more pleasant for all those who frequent it.

The Pro Loco is constantly committed to guaranteeing as many services as possible to visitors. The most important initiative is to guarantee the continuous opening of the single grocery store, taking charge of the significant management costs.

But the Pro Loco also takes care of the decoration of the hamlet, of maintaining the equipment, such as the tennis court and the playground, of the Christmas lights, of organizing social and non-social events.

The history of the Pro Loco

The Pro Loco Alpe di Mera was born on 7 June 1966 and already in the first year it had 140 members, who paid a membership fee of L.5000; always in the first months he obtained from the provincial administration L.530,000 for the construction of a tennis court.

The first event took place on August 14, 1966 with the "Ferragosto Ball" which, thanks to advertising in the valley, brings over 400 people to Mera with special chairlift rides. In the early years, the greatest resources were concentrated on the construction of the connecting roads, public lighting, summer and winter sports activities and the opening of the grocery store.

contatti pro loco alpe di mera

The Pro Loco Alpe di Mera was founded in 2003 with the intention of promoting and enhancing the beauty of Alpe di Mera, a mountain tourist resort located in the Municipality of Scopello, in Valsesia, in the province of Vercelli.

Address Località Alpe di Mera | Scopello


Tel: +39 3403733686 Gabriele Confortola (Presidente)

Tel: +39 3491216660 Luciano Fochi (Segretario / Vice Pres.)

Sign up now at the headquarters and you will be proud to help make something happen for our small community.

The cost of the annual enrollment per family nucleus is €100.

Any report and initiative is always welcome, write to

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