Snowmobile Taxi Service

taxi motoslitta

Active on weekends

Route: Mera chairlift-ski rental-Hut*-Camparient ski-treadmill 

Opening hours 9.00-16.30

*From the Baita stop it is possible to continue on foot towards Campo-Casera Bianca- Covo playground. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes on a flat snow-covered road.


Return adult €3.00—Return baby €2.00

* Baby: children born after 10.31.2015


At the Mera and  chairlift stops it is possible to request the service by contacting the staff present at the ski lift. At the Baita and ski rental stops, wait near the stop sign (maximum waiting time 15 minutes).

Tickets are available at the Mera chairlift station or by requesting them from the operator providing the service. Payment can be made in cash, by debit card or credit card.